Xfinity is one of the most recent streaming devices, that’ll let you stream over 20 of the most popular channel applications, from the same place. That is not all, though! There are plans that’ll let you stream these channels, and even will let you shop for the internet! Yes, as part of their paid subscription, Xfinity stream even lets you purchase data, that you can use to stream these channels.

The channels offered as a package, by the Xfinity stream providers are all well-known ones, like HBO, HGTV, Fox network and so on. This bundling is helpful in two ways. One, the channels can be paid from a single place, and you don’t have to pay in ten different places for the ten channels. Two, you will have the option to customize your channel plans, meaning it is enough if you pay only for that you receive. We will take you through different steps of getting Xfinity stream on Roku, and how to activate the channel on your Roku.

Xfinity Stream on Roku

Searching for Xfinity on Roku

The first thing to do when searching for a channel is to go to the Roku channel store. Every channel that Roku has, except for the private channels are listed as part of their channel store, grouped and categorized. Once there, please follow the steps given below.

  1. Go ahead and click on the Roku search bar.
  2. In there, enter the keywords that you think are relevant to the channel.
  3. These keywords can be the name of the channel, Xfinity stream on Roku, or the names of the channels that come as a part of the channel.
  4. Once you enter the keyword, please go ahead and click on the search button.
  5. From the search results, please search and locate the Xfinity on Roku channel.
  6. After you find that channel, please click on it.
  7. Click on the menu button, and choose to download and install the channel.

Now, you will have to wait until the channel is installed in the device. The speed at which the channel is being installed is purely based on the speed of the internet connection. Once it is over, Xfinity stream on Roku will become part of the list of channels that you own, so wait until then. In the meanwhile, you can go ahead with the process of activating the channel from a different browser.

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Activating Xfinity stream on Roku

This activation would require that you use a different device, be it a computer or a mobile phone and the browser in it. So please be ready with a device that has browser features and an active internet connection.

  1. Once you have these, please go ahead and open the URL
  2. In the URL, you will find a space to enter the activation code.
  3. This activation code will be given by the Roku device, so go back to the device and check if the channel installation is complete.
  4. If Xfinity has been installed, please open it.

Once you open the channel, if this is your first time opening the channel on your Roku account, then you will have an activation code displayed on your TV screen. Please make a note of the same. This activation code must be entered into the browser. Once you enter the code and login to your Xfinity account, your channel on Roku will be activated.

If you have any questions with respect to Roku, and Xfinity stream on Roku, please let us know and we will help you with it! Our toll-free number is +1-844-608-1510, and we’re open 24*7!

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