Watch Local News on Roku

No matter who you are, where you are, NEWS is significant in today’s world. Roku being popular in the US makes a lot of people dependent on the “ROKU” platform. Roku provides the best collection of movies and TV shows that’s for sure, but what about the emergency new? Any red alerts by the cops? Any updates from the disaster management team or the fire department or state department? Well, the local news channel takes the high road on this one. As a matter of fact, all these alerts can easily reach the mass through the local news channels. They have the added benefit of the “popularity” among the locals and it becomes an instinct to watch the local news channel in case of an emergency. You can watch local news on Roku, anytime you want without any delay by following this blog.

Watch Local News on Roku

Watch Local News on Roku

These are the Following Ways by Which you can Watch Local News on Roku

  • By searching in the Roku channel store
  • Through cable subscription
  • Through youtube TV
  • By screen mirroring
  • Using an off-air antenna.
  • Through Haystack TV, HULU, Sling blue, Fubo TV, AT&T TV NOW

By Searching in the Roku Channel Store

The Roku channel store has more than 100 local TV channels that can be added like any other channel on Roku. For example, the WTVF NewsChannel 5 can broadcast all the news from Nashville. Similarly, other channels are there at the store that can telecast the local news of specific regions. Digging for the right channel could be quite a handful, so it is better if you look at these channels under the genre “NEWS section” which is the whole arsenal.

Through Cable Subscription

All you need is the cable TV subscription’s credentials. There are a lot of channels like NBC, Fox, ABC, PBS that can stream the live and local news. These channels are available at the channel store of Roku. After you download these channels, all you have to do is use the TV provider’s credentials to log in to these channels. The best part is, many of the local channels can also stream through these networks which is a big plus.

Through YouTube TV

Youtube is one of the common apps that can be found not just in Roku, but across many other streaming devices. You can stream many local channels on the app for free by just searching for the channel’s name. If any live or emergency telecast is going on, there is a good chance that you can simply watch it on the YouTube app.

By Screen Mirroring

If the local channel from your area, telecasts all their content on just their website and you want it so bad on your Roku, you can always prefer screen mirroring. Most of the devices have this feature in their stack, so all you need to do is navigate to the “action center” and click on “connect“. You can simply use your smartphone to play around with your Roku device.

Using an off-air Antenna

This method is suitable only for the users who have got a Roku TV at their house. Roku TV is something that Roku recently developed with tons and tons of features built-in. all you have to do is to connect the antenna to the device and complete the process by following the commands at the screen.

An off-air antenna is available at many hardware and electronics stores. This is also one of the cheapest kinds that are available. You can take reception over a range of 80 miles from your location. In addition to many local channels, you can watch much regional news and local news to update yourself.

Through Haystack TV, HULU, Sling blue, Fubo TV, AT&T TV NOW

Haystack TV is like a Flip board for content that customizes the results based on your search results and surfing. This channel has a bundle of local news channels in its pocket. This enables the app to filter through much content that can be useful to you. This also shows the trending news in the first place, so it’s quite handy during emergencies.

Many common channels like NBC, FOX, Telemundo, ABC, My network TV are available across these platforms. All you need to watch this content is the sign-in credentials for these channels. Many of these channels are in-built in many streaming devices, that makes this one of the effective options for watching the local news.

The efficiency of the news depends upon the immediacy it carries. Roku platform can provide this factor along with the bundled entertainment. Let it be political news, media news or just a casual weather forecast all these things are available on Roku. This makes it one of the most versatile platforms available in the market.

If you still have doubts about how to watch local news on Roku, do not hesitate to contact our support team @ +1-844-608-1510 or Roku customer service phone number.

This blog will be your how-to guide, to watch local news on Roku.

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