Terms and Conditions

Read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policies before you make use of any of the service that we offer or you access our webpage. You are not supposed to use our service without accepting the terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy being an important part of terms and conditions explains the methods of data collection, measures we follow to safeguard and transfer the data collected from the customers. Read and understand these policies before you access our webpage.

The type of data collected include personal information, credit card or billing information, error reports, device information, location information of the users and a lot more and the required information is collected either via chat, call or email.

This information will be secure and will not be handed over without the prior consent of the customers

The service that we offer

We offer the best support and assistance to set up your streaming device and troubleshoot the errors associated with the device setup.


Rules and regulations are strictly incorporated to prevent the misuse of data or information. The person who involve in such activities will be strictly penalized. Accept the policies and try to understand it before you start accessing our service.

Third party organizations

Our webpage authorities are not liable if the data or information furnished on our webpage are misused. We never recommend using the same information and no users have the rights to use the data for personal use

The contents furnished on our webpage will have the features, specifications of the device, setup instructions, information about the support that we offer. Contact our agents by ringing the support number.