Roku is prevailing as a huge entertainment database, where any user can get great access to worldwide entertainment using an internet connection. As the video contents are available at great qualities, the choice of television is a very significant one. TCL is a renowned brand in the television category and around the world, it is very popular for its screen quality. Get the astounding TV experience with the TCL Roku TV and enjoy the advanced features. This blog is about the TCL Roku TV troubleshooting process, where users are getting issues and error codes during this TV setup process. Follow the remedies given below to rectify the issues without any complications.

TCL Roku TV Troubleshooting

Basic TV setup process

  • Connect your Roku streaming player and the TCL TV using the high-speed HDMI cables
  • Don’t prefer any other HDMI cable other than the available one in the Roku package
  • It might cause troubles in the performance of the device
  • Connect your Roku to the internet network and turn on the device and TV
  • Check your internet connection strength by accessing the signal strength option under the settings category
  • Setup the basic display type resolution, language and location preference for the device
  • Based on your TV size, select the resolution at maximum to get the enhanced experience
  • If you found your internet signal strength as weak, then check your router connection and start. TCL Roku TV Troubleshooting

TCL Roku TV Troubleshooting

You may face the following error codes on your TV because of some mistakes during the setup process. Every error code cause and remedy is explained below in a detailed way.

014.20 & 014.30

  • Owing to the weaker signals or zero signals, this error may pop-up in your TV
  • Try to switch your device to another internet network, if alternate network option is available
  • Try restarting your router and the TCL Roku TV
  • Check your network is strong or not by connecting your mobile
  • Try out the Ethernet connection by using a defect-free Ethernet cable for the streaming player
  • If still, the error code is prevailing, then try the factory reset option in your device


  • This error’s ultimate cause is the problem in the router
  • So, try to reboot the router or use another router for internet supply
  • Do the soft/hard reset options in your router and change the security code for your router
  • If the error is still showing, go to the advanced settings option


  • This error will rise because of the mistakes in selecting the network or entering the wrong passwords
  • Due to the device’s poor performance to connect with the internet network
  • Try to correct the issue by entering the credentials without any error, otherwise, contact the support team to fix the error code
  • Error code 009 is also same as like the 014.40, so follow the same steps to fix the issue

Follow the mentioned steps to fix the error codes in an easy way. Besides, if you need furthermore support for TCL Roku TV Troubleshooting, call our Roku customer service phone number to troubleshoot your issues. Call us @ +1-805-980-1700.

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