Roku supports a variety of channels that offer a lot of rich contents. One such application is the Spectrum application. The application allows you to stream from a lot of on-demand contents, channels offered as a part of the application or even rent DVRs and watch your favorite movies.

Spectrum application allows its users to download or stream almost 80+ channels applications, 300+ DVR content and over 25000+ hours of on-demand content. Their library is constantly expanding, so you practically have unlimited with the Spectrum application.

But then, every dog has its tail and so does Spectrum. Though Spectrum application is supported by various devices like your smart TV, phones or computers, there are high chances that the Spectrum app Roku not working.

Spectrum App Roku Not Working

Reason for Spectrum app on Roku is not working

  • Well, there might be a few reasons ideally.
  • The first one is that the channel app has been recently updated, and the app that is on your device is not up to date.
  • Then there are chances that your Roku set up has not been completed.
  • There are also chances that the channel installation was not complete.

Here are a few examples of Spectrum app Roku not working –

  1. You don’t see the video, but there is an audio playback.
  2. You need to sync between the video and the audio.
  3. The channel constantly crashes.
  4. The channel throws an error code.

Now that we know the possible reasons and the possible errors that you can have and the reasons for why the Spectrum app Roku not working, we’ll look into the troubleshoot for all these issues. These troubleshooting techniques are fairly the basic ones, and if the channel does not get back to it’s original you can reach out to us or run a complete check and help you through the troubleshooting process.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. For the issues with no video, try toggling the input settings a bit. Go to the TVs menu, and navigate to the input control menu. If you are using Express plus, please change the input to a TV/AV composite.
  2. For the latency issue, check if you have a decent internet connection. If the internet connection cannot support the bandwidth that the channel needs, then there is little you can do. Try reducing the obstacles between the Roku device and your WiFi router.
  3. If there is Spectrum App on your Roku is not working and is crashing as soon as you open the application, please consider restarting the channel. If that doesn’t work, you can even give a shot at uninstalling the channel from your Roku channel list and reinstalling the channel.

Spectrum app on other applications and other channels on Roku

You might want to run a little rain check here. You can also try to open the other channels on your Roku. This will help you determine which is the trouble source. The Roku device, or your Spectrum application.

If it is your Roku device, then you can try disconnecting the device from your internet modem, your TV and the power source. After letting it be for at least fifteen seconds, reassemble the setup. Please check if there are software updates for your Roku device that you should be updating.

These troubleshoot should ideally fix the Spectrum app Roku not working. If you still haven’t solved the issue, please let us know and we’ll help you fix the issue. Our toll-free number is +1-844-608-1510, and we’re open 24*7.

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