Despite the sheer amount of channels offered by Roku, it’s hard to find a channel that offers as much content as offered by channels like Showbox. Just like most of the channels in Roku, Showbox is free as well. The channel will let you stream all of the content offered, for free and you won’t even have to pay a dime. All you would need to stream Showbox on Roku is a Roku account.

In this blog, we will take you through the process of downloading the channel and installing it to your Roku channel list. To do this, as said above you would need a Roku account.

Showbox on Roku

How to create a Roku account?

  1. Creating a Roku account is a pretty simple process.
  2. Once you enter the form to submit your basic details, please furnish the details asked for, like your first name and your last name, including your contact number.
  3. The contact number will be verified. Then, please proceed to furnish the website with your payment information.
  4. Once you enter the same, your Roku account is active.
  5. Now, you will have to enter the login credentials of your Roku account in the Roku device that you own and sync the device to your account.

How to find the Showbox on Roku?

Now that you have the Roku account, the only left is to find the channel and install it.

Once you enter the keyword and search for the channel, Roku will fetch all the channels that are marginally related to the channel and will let you choose from the search result. So, please go through the search result, and click on the actual Showbox channel.

Once you select the channel the channel name gets highlighted and you will be able to download the channel by clicking on the menu button. After you click on the option to install the channel, you will have to wait until the Showbox on Roku appears in your channel list.

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How to activate Showbox on Roku?

Now that the channel has appeared on your channel list, what is left but to stream the application? Right? Actually, no. You have just one more step to complete the installation process.

The step to complete it is the Showbox on Roku activation process. Open the computer, and go to your browser. In there, open and simultaneously open the channel from the application store.

Once you open the channel, you will have an activation code thrown at your TV screen. Enter the same on your browser window. Once you finish the activation the channel will be available for your stream it, anytime you want. If the channel asks you to login from their account as well, you will have to create a Showbox account and login from that as well.

If you have any questions with creating a Roku account or downloading and installing Showbox on Roku, or if you need assistance with any of the steps in the entire process, please let us know and we will help you! Our toll-free number is +1-844-608-1510.

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