Screensavers are one of the most intuitive ways to personalize Roku for you. These Roku screensavers are abundantly available on Roku, as channel application. To change the screensavers to what you desire, you can either download the channels, or use your photos and images to set the screensavers.

The other being you can rearrange the icons on your Roku home screen, you can set favorite channels, and you can easily control who uses your Roku device by setting up different profiles, so if you need more personalization, then screensavers are the way to go! You can easily set the screensavers for your Roku device, again, using the default channels are you can add your own images and photos as well.

Roku screensaver

We will take you through the steps of how to set a screensaver for your Roku device. The first option would be to download the many screensavers channels available on Roku and download the channel. After you install the channel and activate it, you can easily set Roku screensaver. If that does not work, then you might as well try and set your images as the screensaver.

Downloading Roku screensavers channels

Most of the Roku screensaver channels are for free, and we wouldn’t advise you to download a paid channel right away! If the other channels are free, you might as well give them a try before going for the paid channel, right? So, please go to the Roku channel store, and then search for the screensaver channels. Here, we think you can keying the term screensaver and hit enter, so that Roku search fetches all the related channels.

From the related channels, read and select the channels that are free and make a separate note of these channels. After you see the dots, please go ahead and click on the dots, and a separate dropdown menu will appear. From the menu, please select the option to download the channel.

Now that the channel is downloaded and installed, please wait for the channel to download any pending software updates. After you do that, Roku screensaver channels will be openable for you!

Activating the Roku Screensaver channels.

Please open up a browser window as well, on your computer.

Once you open the channel, you will see the activation code on the TV screen and you will have to make note of the activation code. Only if you enter the activation code on to the browser window, will you be able to use the channel application.

Enter the Roku activation code and wait for the activation process to be complete. Once the browser notifies you of the activation, you can easily Roku Screensaver channel. Now that the channel installed, please go back to Roku and open the channel up.

How to use own photos as Roku screensaver?

Please download any application that you have your photos saved on, like Google Drive or so, in Roku. If not, please cast your device screen on to Roku and download the photos you want, on your Roku device. Now, you can use this images as your Roku screensaver! how cool is that!

If you have any questions on how to download the Roku Screensaver, please call us on +1-805-980-1700 and we’ll walk you through the process.

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