Roku is one of the most technically advanced streaming players of all time. These devices can be very easy to use, and at the same time provide many possible features for the users at a very affordable price. One of the most important tools they use to improve their user experience is the Roku remote.

These remotes have evolved so much beyond the traditional streaming media player remotes. For instance, they will help you control the Roku device, as well as the TV. This means you don’t have to juggle with too many remotes at once anymore. This is only one of the many functions these remotes can do. But, what if the Roku remote not working? How do you troubleshoot it?

Roku Remote Not Working

Here are a few reasons before we discuss the troubleshoot.

  1. The batteries are out.
  2. The batteries are not compatible with each other.
  3. It could happen when you use one new and one old battery.
  4. The remote is unpaired, or not properly paired with the Roku device.

Check if the remote is already paired with the Roku device

For most of the devices, the default setting is to pair with the remote that comes with the device. So, once you set the device up, it’ll automatically pair to the remote that came with the device. But, some devices might not. So, you will have to connect the remote to the device manually.

To do that, you will have to switch off the Roku device and your TV for a few minutes and restart the device. Simultaneously, you will have to remove the batteries from the remote. While you replace the remote batteries, please locate the pairing button on the battery slot.

When you press the button, the Roku device will recognize the remote and pair it with itself.

Check if the batteries ran out

Might sound silly, but check if the batteries are intact. This could be the reason the Roku remote not working properly. In that case, you will have to please replace both the batteries with new ones.

Use the mobile application

The Roku mobile application is a valid replacement for the remote. You can use the Roku mobile application if your Roku remote not working. These applications have all the functions that a Roku remote has, like private listening and voice search. It also has an advantage over the traditional remotes. So, this is a perfect replacement if your Roku remote not working.

How to make sure that my remote works well, in the long run?

If your Roku remote not working, and this happens often, please follow these cautionary measures.

  1. Please avoid dropping the remote often.
  2. Please change batteries often.
  3. Do not use different batteries.
  4. It is not advisable to use the same remote in more than one device by constantly pairing and unpairing.

If you follow these, you might as well save yourself from the trouble of replacing remotes often.

Key features in a Roku remote

Here are a few key features if your Roku remote not working.

Private listening – Roku remotes will let you watch movies and other shows without disturbing the people around you. You can simply plug in the earphones to the jack provided for it behind the remote, and start listening to the TV audio via the headphones! Midnight game? No more issues!

Voice command – since Roku remotes now support voice command, you can as well speak instead of type. This will help you look for channels in your Roku channel store.

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