Privacy Policy

Privacy policy explains the data collection methods that we follow. We are always aware of the importance of preventing the data threat and legal regulations are followed to overcome it. We Suggest you to read and get a clear idea about these policies.

Data collected from the users

Personal information such as name, email ID and password will be collected. In case, if you require any transactions payment information is must to be provided


Strict laws and regulations are followed to prevent the misuse or threat that arise. Users who involve in such activities will be strictly penalized. Our website authorities are not liable for the misuse that occurs due to third-party organizations. The data or information will be handed over only after prior information.

Data collection

Users can reach us via the contact information available on our webpage We make use of this data for device activation, to access the service and a lot more.


It is not suggested to share the information with other organizations or use it for personal purpose


Cookies that we use help us to maintain the site traffic and to download the required documents, data or information from our webpage.

Device information and error reports

Device information report collected include the device specifications, features and other technical data. In cases in any errors occur while you use the device, error reports will be collected

User responsibility

All the users are responsible for securing and safeguarding the data or information collected from the customers