Roku is one of the most used streaming devices in the continental USA. Roku’s walloping success is a result of mainly three things. One, they made their products affordable. Two, they made their products usable. And the third important reason is simply they had a lot of channels.

Out of all the 500000 channels that are available at Roku, NetFlix is one of the very few most downloaded channels. Roku has a separate list of the most downloaded channels, and NetFlix is listed as one of them. NetFlix has become one of the most versatile streaming services, having movies that people want to watch the most, series that are from various genres and even their own original show. If your NetFlix not working on Roku, we will take you through the steps to troubleshoot it.

Netflix Not Working on Roku

Reason why your NetFlix not working on Roku

  1. There might be an issue with the internet.
  2. An issue with the Roku account.
  3. Maybe an issue with your NetFlix account.
  4. An issue with the NetFlix channel application on your Roku account.

We will share the possible troubleshooting options for this issue, but please check if you have logged into the right Roku account and your NetFlix account. It is possible that you are logged into the wrong account, since it is common that you have more than one account, especially in NetFlix. So, double check if you are logged into the right account. Now, carry on with the troubleshooting.

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Check if you have good internet.

One of the main reasons your Netflix not working on Roku, is simply because your internet is not right. Also, make sure to check if the other device connected to the same internet have the right connection. If the two tests that you took are positive, then this issue is exclusive to the NetFlix application. If one of the tests turn out negative, then it is not specific to the application. So you will have to disconnect from your internet and reconnect it to your Roku device. If this isn’t working, please try resetting the entire connection.

Check the issue with your NetFlix subscription

To do this, you will have to have a computer with your NetFlix account logged in. After you’re there, please go to the profile. In there, click on the manage subscription. See if you have the subscription right. If not, please check with NetFlix’s support. If you indeed have it right, go back to your Roku, log out from your NetFlix account, and login back again. This might clear any cache in the memory that’s stopping the stream, and this might be the reason your Netflix not working on Roku.

Reinstalling the channel application

If all else didn’t work, please try and reinstall the application. To do this, you will have to go to your Roku channel list, and click on NetFlix. After the channel is highlighted, please click on remove channel option. This will remove NetFlix from your channel list. Now, restart your Roku device, and continue to install the same application again. This will make sure that the channel application is in the latest version, and is not lagging behind because of a faulty update.

If this doesn’t work either and still your Netflix not working on Roku, please let us know and we will help you find the issue with your Roku account. We will also walk you through the solution for the same. Our toll-free number is +1-844-608-1510, and we’re open 24*7. Happy streaming!

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