Without the cable, why just the Super Bowl? You can also watch the entire 2019 NFL Playoffs if you so wish. Some of the best teams are marked to play against each other this year, this is the action that you just don’t want to miss! Follow the steps to know how to Watch Super Bowl Without Cable.

How to Watch Super Bowl Without Cable


While there is definitely over-the-air antenna that can help you get live relays of the game (provided you are able to capture the signal). Local games will always be available on a cheap indoor antenna that will cost you anywhere from $15 to $30. Depending on the line of sight, you could choose Mohu Leaf 30 for a mile range of around 30 mi and the Mohu Leaf 50 for mile ranges of about 50 mi. They cost approximately $29.99 and $59.99, respectively and are available on Amazon.


  • For those who have the inimitable Roku player, you do not have to worry about tediously configuring, changing, or altering your antenna to particularly gain the signal
  • Just set it up to your TV
  • Even if you have traditional composite connectivity
  • With the Roku and you will have a range of services that you can watch over the internet
  • Get a powerful modem/router and speak with your ISP for a high-quality network

Note: For those who wish to connect a composite-enabled TV to the Roku, should get the Roku Express that is enabled with the feature

Live streaming service

Subscribe to the live TV service of your choice that will give you not just the Super Bowl but also a wide array other sporting action as well


  • Costing around $45 per month, and about $40 for the first month
  • fuboTV is the app to get, especially if you are hinged on watching sports
  • Yes, the channel primarily focuses on relaying a wide range of sports including the NFL 2019 season live
  • There is a 7-day trial that is brought to the viewer absolutely free
  • You may even be able to watch the Super Bowl free with this
  • Enter your zip code to see if the channel can stream local broadcasts
  • The channel includes NFL Network, NBC, CBS, FOX and the NFL RedZone, which costs an extra $9

PlayStation Vue

  • Since PSVue opened up its services to provide on-demand, live, news, entertainment and sports action, it is a boon for most consumers
  • Costing around $50 per month, viewers have to just add the channel from the channel store
  • And then, access the package that you want and learn how to watch Super Bowl without cable
  • PSVue brings NBC, Fox, ESPN, CBS and most of all the NFL Network

YouTube TV

  • At just $40 per month, YouTube TV brings you more than 60 channels along with a free initial trial
  • Watch both CBS and Fox in the base package of the channel and enjoy the Super Bowl 2019 without cable

For other channels that can proffer you with live gaming and of course the extremely popular Super Bowl event, call our experts for a consultation. Dial the Roku customer service phone number+1-844-608-1510 to know how to watch Super Bowl without cable.

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