Roku is a vast bundle of different channels that will satisfy the entertainment needs of different people. There is everything you look for, right from sports entertainment to movies to dramas and news. All of these channels are provided by one consolidated platform, the Roku device.

Filmrise is one such channel, offering you practically unlimited movies and series. Well, the channel is absolutely free! The channel offers a lot of movies, soaps and series, that you can stream on-demand! All of this, simply with a Roku account! A free Roku account can get you a number of movies, series, and on-demand content!

Filmrise on Roku

How to open a Roku account?

To download and install Filmrise on Roku, you will have to have a Roku account. To open a Roku account, you will first have to go to the Roku website. In there, please click on the option to open a new account. Once you click on the option to create a new account, you will have to furnish your name. Once you furnish your first name and second name, you will be asked to furnish your contact information.

Finally, you’ll be asked to specify the payment information. This payment information is for Roku to claim amount from, for all the paid purchases you make. Please do not worry about purchasing Filmrise on Roku, since the channel is entirely free of cost, you will not be charged any amount.

How to search for Filmrise on Roku?

Once you open a Roku account, the next thing to do is to simply login to your Roku account from your Roku device. Navigate to the Roku channel store, and go to the Roku search bar. In there, please enter the keywords that you seem fit for the channel. I this case, Filmrise, films or series that are available for streaming from the channel can all be relevant keywords for the channel.

  1. After you enter the keyword, please hit the search.
  2. The Roku search will fetch all the channels that are marginally related to the keywords you typed.
  3. Please search the results for the Filmrise app on Roku.
  4. After finding the application, please select the application.
  5. On selection, the channel will be highlighted, and you will be able to click on the menu button.
  6. On clicking the menu button, please select the option to download the channel and install it in your Roku account.

How to activate your Filmrise on Roku?

  • Once the channel is downloaded and installed, you will now have to activate the channel as well.
  • The activation process required that you have a computer with internet connectivity.
  • Please open a browser and navigate to
  • Once you are there, please go ahead and login to your Roku account on your browser.
  • Now that you are logged into your account, please go ahead and open the channel application on your Roku TV.
  • On opening the channel for the first time, you will be given an activation code for the channel. Please note it down.

On entering the activation code on to your browser window, and hitting submit, the channel application will be activated in your Roku account.

You can then stream Filmrise on Roku for movies and series, all you want! If you have any questions, please let us know via our toll-free number, +1-844-608-1510.

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