Sports entertainment has become one of the biggest markets in the entertainment industry. Channels like ESPN and ESPN plus on Roku are becoming the spearheads of this sector of entertainment, by bringing every mega sports gala that happens around the world to your doorstep, via streaming devices like Roku.

ESPN+ lets you stream all the most important sports events that happen around the world, for a simple subscription and a Roku account. This means you get to stream all of the major events like world cups, Grand Prix, and tournaments. All of this, if you just setup ESPN+ on Roku!

ESPN plus on Roku

However, to do this, you will need a Roku account and an ESPN+ Roku account. Opening an ESPN+ account is pretty easy, since all you have to do is to specify your name, contact number and a few more very basic information. However, Roku account creation is one step ahead, wanting you to specify the payment information. Once you create both the accounts, you shall download and install the ESPN+ channel, easily.

How to search for ESPN+ on Roku?

Even before considering how to download and install ESPN+ on Roku, you might want to know how to search for the channel, considering the sheer number of channels in ESPN. You can either choose to surf through the channels and locate ESPN+, or use the Roku search box. Surfing through the channel list and locating ESPN plus on Roku might seem like a herculean task, but is really a very simple job. Please search for the channel in the categories Sports, and Most Watched.

If you still can’t find the channel, you might as well consider using the Roku search bar. The Roku search bar is a much efficient way, but again, you must know what to search for.

  1. Go to the Roku search box.
  2. In there, please enter the keywords that seem associated with ESPN+.
  3. The possible keywords are the channel name, a sporting event that is streamed in the channel, or even a program telecasted on the channel.
  4. Search for the channel in the Roku Channel Store.
  5. Now, Roku will list all the channels down as the search result.
  6. You will now have to select the ESPN+ channel application.

After choosing to do so, you will have to wait for the channel to be downloaded and installed. After installation ESPN+ will appear on the list of channels you own on your Roku account.

How to activate the channel?

The process does not end with installing ESPN+ on Roku. Activating the channel would require that you simply go to a browser window, browser for and enter the activation code there.

This activation code will be given to you by the channel when you open the ESPN plus on Roku account. Please note the activation code, and enter the same on to the browser window. After this, the channel will be installed, and you will be free to stream from the same, anytime.

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