DC is on a roll, when it comes to the series and animated series. One such expedition slash experiment is the new Pennyworth series, that will be aired soon, on the Epix channel, and a few other streaming devices.

Pennyworth takes us through the adulthood of Alfred, when he worked as a security agent. You can stream the series on Epix. The channel Epix is available on Roku, and you can stream it for $5.99 a month!

For this, you will need to have a Roku account, so if you do not already have one, please create one before you attempt to download and install the Epix channel application on your Roku account. To create a Roku account, you will simply have to fill up a form that’ll ask you for your basic information, your contact information and your payment information. This payment information will be used to deduct money from, when you make purchases like the Epix on Roku.

Epix on Roku

Once you have this down, go ahead and download the application and install it in your Roku account.

How to install Epix on Roku account?

Out of half a million channels, Roku search in the channel store will help you find Epix in a jiffy! All you have to do is to enter the name of the channel and search for it. To get started with, go to the Roku channel store.

  1. Once you are on the Roku channel store, click on the Roku search bar.
  2. In the Roku search, enter the name of the channel that you want to download.
  3. In this case, it is Epix. If you do not have a channel in mind, and you just have to stream a particular series, say Pennyworth, enter the name of the series and hit enter.
  4. After Roku scans all through the channel store, it will fetch and bring you all the channels that you’d consider relevant for your search.
  5. From there, choose the Epix channel app and click on download and install option.

After this, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes, so that the app installation is complete. You will know once the installation is done, after the channel appears on your downloaded channel list.

The next step is to activate the channel

To activate Epix on Roku, we must first setup a device from which you can activate the channel. You cannot activate the channel from the same device that you used to download the channel.

Navigate to the Roku channel activation window. Once you are there, you will be able to notice that there is a space for you to enter the activation code. But, where is activation code?

Well, you can get the activation code from the Roku device itself, and it gives you the activation code by displaying it on the TV screen. All you have to do to activate the channel is to go ahead and enter the same on to the browser window.

Once you enter the activation code on to the window, you will be able to stream the Epix on Roku, from your TV, or from your mobile Roku application. If you have any queries related to this, please do let us know and we will take you through the troubleshooting! Our toll-free number is +1-805-980-1700.

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