DIY Projects are always fun to work on! Especially on a holiday, or a weekend, it’d be fun to plonk and get a few things done with the glue gun! That’s exactly what can help you with! You will have a lot of ideas, inspirations, and tips from the same.

In this blog, we will take you through the steps involved in getting DIY Network for your Roku account, the process of activating the account and we’ll let you know the shows streamed in the channel.

For instance, here are a few regular shows telecasted on the channel –

  1. Bargain Mansions
  2. Barnwood Builders
  3. First Time Flippers
  4. Holmes on Homes
  5. Holmes: Next Generation
  6. Maine Cabin Masters
  7. Salvage Dawgs
  8. Stone House Revival
  9. Texas Flip and Move
  10. The Vanilla Ice Project
  11. Wood Work

These are definitely not all the shows from, but just the shows that are streamed everyday. There are other projects based episodes, shows and snippets that you can always watch and take inspiration from, for your art.

Search DIY Network on Roku channel store

Every time you want to download a channel, you will have to start by looking at the Roku channel store. So, here are the steps to look for the DIY Network and install it.

  1. Go to the Roku channel store.
  2. Click on the Roku search box.
  3. In there, enter the right search phrase. Since you are searching for DIY network, the channel name might as well be the search terms that you’re using.
  4. Once you enter the search phrase, please press enter, and Roku will fetch you all the channels that are marginally related to the keyword that you searched for, along with DIY Network.
  5. Click on the channel that you want and navigate to the channel menu.

Once in the menu, please choose to download and install the channel. You will have to wait until the channel is installed, and this might take a couple of minutes depending on your internet speed.

How to activate

The process does not really stop with installing the channel. You will have to activate the channel to watch the channel. So, while the channel is still being installed, we’ll set things up for the channel activation. Basically, the requisites for activating the channel are a web browser and an active internet connection.

So, open the browser in a device other than the one you are using to download and install Once the browser is open, surf to the Roku channel activation page. In there, you’d see space for entering the activation code for the channel. This activation code, you can get from Roku itself.

Now, you go back to the Roku device and see if the channel download is complete. If it is complete, please open the channel. If this is the first time you’re opening the channel from this account, you will be given an activation code that will be displayed on your TV screen. You just have to note it down, and enter the same on to the web browser.

Once you enter the activation code you received on to the Roku channel activation URL, the channel will be activated for you, and you will be free to stream the channel any time! The channel also supplies on-demand content, so you access those too!

If you have a Roku mobile application, you can most certainly use it to stream the channel from anywhere as well! If you have any questions with respect to Roku and the channels that you can stream from the Roku device, we’d most certainly help you out! You just have to call us at our toll-free number, +1-844-608-1510.

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