Roku is home to a number of channel applications that don’t even hit the radar of other streaming devices. Roku evens out the playing field, for any of the channels that have a better content schematics. The idea is that, every channel is listed in the same channel store, with only a few channels enjoying the privilege to be listed as the most watched based on the download metrics. Roku enables this leveled playing field by making the Roku search the best search in all of streaming device searches.

One of the many channel applications offered by Roku is the Cinemax channel. There are a few questions that surround Cinemax on Roku, and we have the answers for them.

Cinemax on Roku

How to download and install Cinemax on Roku?

It is a pretty simple process. It is a three-fold process, and all you have to do to get Cinemax is to search for the channel, then download and install the channel once you find the channel. This is under the assumption that the channel is public and is available for download in your region. If not, you will have to try to find if the channel is listed as a private channel in your Roku channel store, and for that, you will need to have to the channel code. But before that, please follow the steps to find the channel from the Roku channel store.

Finding Cinemax on Roku channel store

It is simple. Please go to the Roku channel store, and click on the Roku search bar. In there, please key in the channel related keywords. You can search for the channel name, or any of the programs. Roku will pull all the channels that match your keyword and will give it to you as a search result.

  1. Search for Cinemax.
  2. From the search result, please make sure if you have the channel application.
  3. If you find the channel application, then please go ahead and select the channel. After you select the channel, a menu button should’ve appeared to the right of the channel name.
  4. Click on the menu, and download the channel.
  5. Now that you have chosen to download and install Cinemax on Roku, you will have to wait until the channel downloads and installs itself.

Activating Cinemax on your Roku

Now that you have spotted and downloaded the channel application, you will now have to activate the channel. All you would need is an active internet connection, which you already have, and a separate device with a browser.

The idea is to open the browser window and activate the channel by entering the activation code corresponding the channel, on to the URL of

Well, go ahead and open Cinemax on Roku. If it is the first time you are opening Cinemax, from your Roku account, you will get the activation code displayed on the TV screen. That is your cue! Make a note of the number displayed, and enter it on to the browser window. While activation, you might have to choose the service provider as well, so make sure to select that too.

Now that the channel is both installed and activated, you will be free to stream the channel via your Roku device, anytime you want, from anywhere you’d like. This is how you search, download and install Cinemax on Roku.

If you have any questions regarding the activation of Cinemax on Roku, or the Roku setup itself, please let us know and we will help you with it! Our toll-free number is +1-844-608-1510 and we are open 24*7!

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