Best Channels for Sports on Roku

One of the important decisions that every customer goes through when they shift from their TV providers to the world of cord-cutting is the availability of the sports channels on the platform. It is true that the cable connection initially had an upper hand in the sports field. But as the customer base grew, many options for streaming the sports channels emerged in the cord-cutting, cable-free streaming platforms. One can even stream live sporting events in the Roku platform. There are some best channels for sports on Roku. Use to activate your Roku account.

Best channels for sports on Roku

Best channels for sports on Roku

Are these channels free?

Most of the sports channels available on the Roku platform need you to pay a subscription fee. This fee is a lot lesser than the cable TV subscription. Also, many advantages like DVR recording, streaming at high quality, pausing and storing it on the cloud server is also possible with these channels.

However, there is a trick though. Most of the best channels for sports on Roku offer 7 days or 30 days of the trial period. You can use this to your advantage by using the free trial during a famous sports event like the College Football on Roku or the NFL tournament, etc.

What are the Best Channels for Sports on Roku?


One simply cannot omit this channel when they are even remotely talking about sports. This channel brings various sporting events like Monday night football, college football season, playoffs and NBA finals, UEFA Euro, Wimbledon, Australian open and a lot more.

Clearly, this is one of the traditional channels that is dedicated to sports and sports only. During the MotoGP season, this channel provides a precise analysis of the racers and their strategy.

RedBull TV

Redbull TV is the cure for you if you are a sucker for the “unusual” sports that the general audience can’t possibly understand. Rock climbing, mountain bike racing, parkour free running, skydiving and a lot more gets their place in this channel. There is a show called “games of strange” that explores the wide range of sports that are unorganized but has a huge fan base. These sports never fail to push our adrenaline level through the roofs.

Additionally, there are many independent music artists’ albums, film festivals and a lot more than you can explore in this channel. You can go Full Street with this channel.

Sports Illustrated

Sports illustrated are one of the oldest platforms that bring more than the points chart to the table. This media analyses the link between the sports and the culture that brings the country’s people together. It understands that sports are more than entertainment for the people, better than anyone. It gives you a detailed analysis of the sports, the athletes, the history, the cultural aspect, and whatnot. The presentation is as interactive and immersive as it could be. The video footages and the photography of this channel are all simply mesmerizing and out of the world.

This channel is a must for those who would like to explore different dimensions of a sport.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is known for its popularity among soccer fanboys. This channel broadcasts anything and everything there is on soccer. Since the re-launch, Fubo TV has also diversified the channel’s interests by exploring many other sports like basketball, formula-1, baseball, etc. there are many channels where you can watch many of the sporting events to the fullest. Just tune in this channel during the weekend to catch all the highlights.. Even though ESPN is missing in its arsenal, there are a lot of other viable options in this channel. If you can just dig a bit deeper, you can find many golden ways to stream your favorite sporting events and highlights.

There is also a 7-days free trial available, so use this wisely.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is available not just in Roku, but in various streaming devices. ESPN and FS1 are also available here which makes this one of the potential channels for the sports lovers. There is also added 7-days free trial, so you can focus on buying your favorite NFL merch than spending it here. One can even watch live sports events on this channel which is a good thing for the soccer fans. Many options for surfing through older matches and highlights are also available here.

Hulu TV

This is one of the famous channels where you can simply find your pick without even digging deeper. There are many options like ESPN, FS1 and many other local sports networks that can make this one of the thirst-quenchers for your sports needs. This is available on the Roku channel store and is easy to download. You can also watch HULU live TV, for just a few bucks extras. With this option, you can also have other customizability like cloud recording, etc. You can also make sure to use the free trial of this channel during the college football season to utilize it to the max.

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