Roku Customer Service Phone Number

Roku Customer Service Phone Number

Roku has built a wonderful product. The product serves a large market, at least one in six Americans. The large fan base is simply because of the extraordinary number of channels that they provide, no doubt about that. However, what people fail to see is the wonderful people out there in the Roku community that are ready to help you with any issue that you might face during the time of installation of a Roku.

The community and the forum discussions can help you clear most of the doubts that you might have with the installation process, but there are other useful resources as well. For instance, if you ever needed the Roku Customer Service Phone Number for support, you can simply look them up in the forum discussions. Or, call us at our toll-free number and we’ll help you figure Roku out!

What all will I need help with?

Actually, with the right guidance, you will need no help at all. All you have to do is follow a set of instructions. We will list it down for you, one after another, and if you have any questions on how to do something, please let us know. You can call in the Roku Customer Service Phone Number provided below.

Roku Account Creation

The first and foremost thing to do when you’re trying to activate your Roku account is to create a Roku account.

Roku Activation

Because, every time you make a purchase, every time you try to stream your favorite movies, and every time you activate your new Roku device, you will need to use the Roku account that you created.

Roku Account

Creating a Roku account is not a big deal. If you need help creating a Roku account, you can always reach out to us via our Roku Customer Service Phone Number. However, here is how you create a Roku account.

Steps to Create a Roku Account

  1. Go to Roku homepage
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. You will be asked to fill out a few common things in the first page of the signup, like your first and last names, your contact details and your mail ID
  4. After you furnish the basic details, you will now have to furnish the credit card information
  5. If not for credit card information, furnish some other way of payment, such as PayPal

After this is done, your Roku account is created. If you face a hiccup anywhere during the process, please let us know via our Roku Customer Service Phone Number.

Roku Customer Service Phone Number

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Setting up a Roku device

The next thing to do is, set up a Roku device. This means, establishing a connection between the TV, your Roku account and the internet. This connection can be wired, wireless or direct connections. It depends on the TV, Roku device and the internet router model that you own.

We’d advise you to connect your Roku device and the Roku remote to the same network if possible. Also, if the connection is a wireless one, please make sure to reduce the distance and the obstacles between the router and the streaming device. If you have model specific questions on how to establish a physical connection, please call us via our Roku Customer Support Phone Number and we will be able to help you better.

Roku Setup

Login to your Roku Account

  • After you set your device up, you’ll have to login to your Roku account from your PC or smartphone.
  • The first time you connect the Roku to the internet, you’ll get a verification code from Roku on your TV screen.
  • You will have to enter this verification code on a browser window in your account. This is a one-time process and during the initial login.
  • You can choose to create a PIN that you can use when you make purchases from your device.
  •  This helps you stop unauthorized purchases in addition to the channel activation codes wherever applicable.
  • Our team of experts can be reached via Roku Customer Service Phone Number if you have questions on how to activate your Roku account.

Free Channels on Roku

Searching for Channels on Roku

Once you are logged into your Roku account, you can start streaming channels right away. However, to do that, you will have to activate these channels in the first place. You can find almost any channel that you need in the Roku channel store.

If you find it hard to surf through the hundreds of channels in the Roku store, you can use the Roku search to find channels that you want. You can enter any keyword that is even marginally relevant to the channel, and you can be sure that Roku will fetch the channel for you.

  1. An advantage with the phone applications is the fact that you can use voice commands to search for the right channel.
  2. You can even set a reminder for a channel using the voice command.
  3. Now, while the mobile application is compatible with all models and it provides seamless voice command support and private listening support, there are a few in-built accessories in the latest Roku versions.
  1. Remotes for Roku premiere or later models have both private listening and voice query.
  2. Although, the compatibility with a Roku version lower than Roku premiere, you will have to ask how, use the Roku Customer Service Phone Number.
  3. The team will assist you in anything you want related to Roku.

Installing channels on Roku

From the search results, you can select the channels that you want and download and install them on your channel list. After the installation, when you open the application, you will be given a verification code that you will have to enter into a browser window just like you did with the Roku activation code.

After, and only after you enter the verification code on the channel’s website, can you actually stream from the channel. A few channels will even require you to login to their channel account for you to stream from their channel. If you need help activating these channels, you can go ahead and call us at our toll-free Roku Customer Service Phone Number. We are here to help you figure Roku out!

Roku Channels List

Channels on Roku

Though there are a lot of channels and genres that you can stream from on Roku, all the channels are really just four types. One, free ones. Two, the ones that are priced, but provide a trial period. Three, channels that require to pay upfront. And finally, the private channels.

  • The free channels are the ones that make the most of Roku’s channel store.
  • You can find all of these channels by simply searching for the channels on the Roku channel store, except for the private channels.
  • You should have a channel code that you can search for to get a private channel on Roku.
  • If you need the code for any channel, please let us know.
  • Call us at our toll-free Roku Customer Service Phone Number and we’ll help you with the codes that you need.
  • On the whole, Roku is a simple device with a simple installation process!
  • The channels get up and running in no time, and you pay an affordable price for all the entertainment that Roku provides.
  • If you need any help with choosing which streaming device to buy, please let us know.
  • You can always reach us via our toll-free Roku Customer Service Phone Number! We’ll help you with anything related to Roku.
  • Our toll-free number for Roku assistance is +1-805-980-1700, and our team is ready to help you.